What kind of women like pornographic movies?

Pornography is a booming industry these days. Long consumed by men, pornographic movies have also become popular with women for many reasons. What types of women consume them? What are the reasons that drive them to watch these types of movies?

Why do women watch pornography? 

To better understand the reasons why women watch porn, we first need to know which women consume the most. Statistics show that almost one in five women worldwide consume pornography. According to some experts, despite the anonymous nature of the Internet, a certain profile of women has been noticed. These are people who have very assertive sexuality and who do not hesitate to show it. 

Moreover, sexuality nowadays has become very experienced without becoming an addiction. This frantic desire for sex leads to watching pornographic films. 

The typical profile of a porn lover

Women who watch pornographic movies often have the particularity of getting easily aroused just by remembering the images of these movies. In general, there are not many female pornographic movie lovers. The arousal process in women is very different from that of men. They very often require direct stimuli, touch. 

Moreover, the women who most often visit pornographic sites are very young. They are indeed more connected and have the facilities to visit their films. However, some sites mention that there are also women over 65 who consume pornography. If there are women of this age on pornographic sites, it is because of their delay to discover these sites. It is at this age that they realize the appeal of these pornographic videos. 

It is also important to mention that some of the women who watch this type of film are also victims of sexual violence. They prefer to lock themselves in this bubble.