Some strange sexual practices

It is often said that tastes differ from one individual to another in many areas. Such is the case with sexual practices. There are many unusual sexual behaviors today. Which of these practices is the strangest?  

Arousal by people dressed up as stuffed animals 

Yiff is the name given to this paraphilia. Very surprising but it is real. Some people get aroused when they are in front of a stuffed animal or when their partners dress up as stuffed animals. Yiff is a sexual disorder that makes the sufferer want to have sex with someone dressed up as an animal. 

They have no interest in animals as in the case of zoophilia. It is not a sexual practice in the broadest sense of the word since it is just a normal sexual relationship with a person in disguise. It, therefore, seems to be without too many risks. However, this sexual practice is forbidden in some countries. 

Eproctophilia or farting

This is another uncommon sexual practice that causes a person to get aroused just by smells. No study has yet given any particular details about this strange paraphilia. For a clearer explanation of the practice, farting consists of feeling pleasure by smelling human body odors. 

In particular, it is the odors emitted by farts. For some, this is manifested through clothing. For others, it will be necessary to be in direct contact with the person concerned. There are many videos on the net that talk about it. There is no lack of strange sexual practices. 

SpectrophiliaSpectrophobia: Sexual arousal by ghosts

Yes, we are talking about ghosts! Many people have already reported this disorder. They have had sex with ghosts or aliens. Apart from these people, many others have this fantasy. There are even websites where it is possible to find advice on how to achieve this. We consider this paraphilia very serious in the sense that many stars such as Carla Moran or Anna Nicole Smith have already reported about it.