Sexual relations during pregnancy: Which positions to choose?

Pregnancy is not an obstacle to sexuality. You can be pregnant and still be sexually active. However, when you are pregnant, not all positions are good to practice. What are the best sexual positions to use during pregnancy? 


This is without a doubt the most suitable position during pregnancy. It is a practical and very comfortable position for both the man and the woman. Both are lying on the same side and the man is nestled behind the woman. 

This position not only allows the man to penetrate the pregnant woman without difficulty but also to stimulate her clitoris and caress her breasts. The spoon position can be practiced until the end of the pregnancy. 

Doggy style 

This is also one of the best positions to use during pregnancy. The woman gets on all fours and the man gets behind her to penetrate her. This position allows the woman to release the belly in weightlessness. For more comfort, the woman can support the belly with pillows.

 In case of tiredness, the woman can relieve herself by putting her forearms or her face and the top of her body on the mattress. The man, on the other hand, must control the depth of his movements so as not to cause pain. 


This position is suitable when the belly is not too big. The woman straddles her partner while sitting or squatting on him. She will be able to control the depth of penetration perfectly. This position is very comfortable for the woman but also for the man.

 The latter enjoy the magnificent spectacle offered by the breasts of his partner boosted by pregnancy hormones. Let us also note that, this position also favors the stimulation of the woman's clitoris. 

In addition to these three positions, other positions to be favored during pregnancy are the anvil or the light missionary (first trimester).