The impact of incontinence on sexual activity

Incontinence can be defined as a disorder or deficit that prevents a person from containing themselves when they need to urinate. It is a condition that can have many consequences. What are these consequences? 

The impact of incontinence on a sexual life 

People suffering from sexual incontinence are mostly subject to psychological discomfort. They avoid sex with their partner as much as possible. This can lead to great frustration in the couple's life. Incontinence is an evil that should not be neglected because it creates psychological, physical, and, social problems.  

For this reason, people suffering from sexual incontinence tend to close themselves off and isolate themselves to avoid the psychological attacks of someone who is not well-informed about their condition. An intimate relationship with a partner can trigger urine leakage at any time. This is an embarrassing situation that makes the sufferer suffer. 

It can even happen that sufferers have no self-esteem and feel unwanted. The consequences of this disease are not negligible.

What to do about incontinence? 

For a fulfilling sexuality with this urinary disorder, it is obvious that you must start by communicating with your partner. This is the best way to reassure them and allow them to let go. 

Moreover, incontinence is a taboo subject because it is very intimate. It is therefore necessary to develop an intimate relationship with one's partner in order toto gain acceptance and not to confuse the incontinent person. The next step to a muc mmuchore fulfilling sexuality is to go to a doctor. 

Incontinence is a condition that fortunately can be cured. Keeping it all in and creating psychological problems for yourself is not a good trick. Getting real treatment from a doctor will give you more confidence and allow you to have a more fulfilling sex life.